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Doonbank's chickens

In late March 2018 our five girls arrived.

If you're feeling a bit stressed or just want to chill out, spending some time with them is very relaxing and remarkedly absorbing. Guests are very welcome to pop up to see them to collect some eggs for breakfast, or just to enjoy them. If you give them some food, they'll adore you for life (or at least for the duration that you have food!!!!). They will eat out of your hand. Each chicken has their own personality.

We normally get about 5 eggs a day. At the moment eggs are quite small as the chickens are very young (we got them at 18 weeks). Guests are welcome to pop up and collect eggs for their breakfast. We would suggest that the best time to do this is about midday, as each chicken lays at different times - midday is about right.

We also strongly believe in giving them the best life possible, so they have a 60ft x 15ft chicken run in a wooded glade. They also have many 'activity' centres, where they perch and chill out. We will let them out to roam around the wider area which is why we ask guests with dogs to keep them on lead in the immediate vicinity of the cottage. let's introduce them to you!


In terms of the pecking order "Bluebell" at the moment seems to be the main chickenista. She is also a 'Bluebell' in terms of variety and a hybrid between a Rhode Island Red and a Marans chicken. We are hoping that Bluebell will provide us with about 260 eggs per year. She is very friendly, incredibly nosey and happy to be picked upand stroked. She is also quite keen on perching on shoulders and sitting on the top of their house


Millie is a Speckledy and is quite a large chicken. Speckledys are a cross between a Marans and a Rhode Island Red. Again, we are hoping for about 260 medium sized eggs a year, which are speckled brown in colour. She doesn't mind being stroked but tends to live in her own little world!


Kuro is a Rhode Rock and a very calm hen. Rhode Rocks are meant to be prolific layers, so we are hoping that she will provide us with aroun 320 eggs a year, which are a beautiful brown colour.


Henrietta is a Sussex Star which is ahybrid bird created by crossing a Light Sussex and a Rhode Island Red. She is very pretty indeed and her best friend is Heather (below). They seem to really like exploring and being best pals! Henrietta should provide us with about 250 light brown egss a year. She is very chatty, so expect to get all the latest chicken gossip!


Heather is an ISA Brown and great friends with Henrietta. She should give us in excess of 300 brown eggs a year. ISA Browns are thought to have been the result of a complex series of crosses including Rhode Island Reds and Rhode Island Whites, and contains genes from a wide range of breeds.


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